What is CoinZoom Earn?  

CoinZoom Earn is an investment tool that allows users to earn interest on crypto and USD holdings. Users can view their earned interest balance at any time on the Portfolio section of the CoinZoom platform. Earned interest is accrued daily and paid out once a month. 

Interest is only paid on funds in the "Earn" wallet 

How do I start Earning?  

  • Download the CoinZoom app or login to the Exchange on your desktop and click the “Earn” tab.  


  • Select the crypto you want to earn interest on and click “Earn.” 


  • Select the amount of funds and how often you want to allocate them to CoinZoom Earn.  


  • Confirm the transfer to CoinZoom Earn and you’re on your way to earning interest! 


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Is my CoinZoom balance insured?    

Your Earn balance is not insured by CoinZoom but held with our highly vetted and accredited third-party partners. Digital assets are not covered by FDIC insurance. CoinZoom is currently partnering with accredited third-party borrower Genesis. Genesis is regulated as a securities broker-dealer with the SEC and FINRA. 

Interest rates/Why are interest rates subject to change?  

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Interest rates are based on the supply and demand of each asset, similar to how interest rates fluctuate with any other currency. 

How long does it take to redeem my earned interest? Are there any fees?    

Interest accrues daily and is automatically credited to your account monthly.  

No, there are no fees to move funds into your Earn wallet or to remove them.  

Can I move fiat or crypto into my Earn Wallet while my funds are still on hold?  

If you make a deposit by ACH or debit card, you will be subject to the holding period before you'll be able to move any of those funds into your earn wallet.

How to do I redeem my interest? 

Interest accrues daily and is automatically credited to your account monthly.