Trading Fee Discounts: Preferred, Gold, Platinum, & Black levels who maintain the required number of ZOOM tokens for each trading fee discount level, and surrender ZOOM tokens at the time of placing trades on the exchange.


The discount refers to a discount on the trading fee that is based on the number of Zoom Tokens, when you pay the trading fee with Zoom Tokens.

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These levels and trading fee discounts are based on the number of Zoom Tokens that you own.

For example, if you own 26,000 Zoom Tokens and you chose to pay the trading fee with Zoom Tokens that would have cost $10.00.  

Since you'd qualify for the Gold level, if you chose to pay with Zoom Tokens, the fee would only be $8.00 of Zoom Tokens because Gold  level gives you the benefit of a 20% discount on trading fees, when you pay those fees with Zoom Tokens.