>Use your CoinZoom Visa Card and instantly convert crypto to fiat, allowing global purchases at +53M locations. 


The CoinZoom Visa Card includes a digital wallet, so you can send either fiat or crypto globally for free. Typically the “Western Unions” of the world charge 3-4% for their international transfers. With the CoinZoom Visa Debit card digital wallets all domestic and international transfers would be free


In order to use the CoinZoom Visa card the customer will go into their CoinZoom App and choose which wallet or wallets they want their purchases to access.  Once they've chosen the wallet(s) they want to use then they can use their card at an ATM or accepting merchant.  

When they swipe their card our system will confirm that there is enough available funds in their account to pay for the amount requested.  If there's enough available funds then the transaction will be approved.  As the transaction is approved CoinZoom will create a market order for the amount of coin in their designated wallet to cover their purchase.

If there's not enough funds in the designated wallet, CoinZoom will sell coins from any remaining wallet or charge their fiat wallet to make up the difference.


For some purchases, like at a restaurant where a tip is often added to the bill after the transaction is approved, the tip amount may not show on the customer's account until the next day.


When swiping your CoinZoom Visa Debit Card at many locations the merchant requests authorization for a specified fiat amount.  If you were to purchase a five dollar cup of coffee, for example, they would request five dollars.  If you had enough value in your crypto wallets CoinZoom would authorize that purchase and initiate a market order for the amount of crypto to satisfy the payment maid.

Some merchants aren't sure how much you're final purchase will be, so they request a "pre-authorization" for a dollar amount.  For example, gas pump transaction may request a "pre-authorization" for $80.00.  After you finish pumping your gas they would send a "completion transaction" message with the actual amount to charge.

Example of merchants where this can happen include gas stations, hotels and rental car agencies.

CoinZoom will release any pre-authorized amount from your account once the merchant notifies with the "completion transaction" amount and the actual amount to charge.