The most common reasons are:

Canceled withdraws most often occur due to the user not confirming the withdrawal through a link in the email dispatched to the email address linked to the user's CoinZoom account. Users have 12 hours to confirm their withdrawal requests before the withdrawal is automatically canceled.

When a withdrawal is not confirmed in time, the request is canceled automatically by the platform.

It could be the confirmation email was accidentally moved to the spam folder of the email account. Please make sure to verify if the confirmation email has not been moved to the spam folder or has been moved to a different folder because of a filter the email client may have enabled.

Please re-submit the withdrawal request and confirm via the link in the confirmation email. If you still encounter issues after following these steps, please let us know and we'll assist you further.


If an account is on withdrawal hold because of a recent security change withdrawals will be canceled. If an account is on withdrawal hold a notification will be displayed on the page where a new withdrawal request is submitted.

More details on withdrawal holds are available on this page.


If the “Send to” address or other withdrawal parameters are not properly entered, a withdrawal will be canceled. Always be sure to check and re-check that you are entering the correct and complete address. If possible, copy and paste it to avoid typographical errors.


Occasionally a fee charge can cause a small negative balance which can be resolved by transferring funds from one one wallet to another. If an account has a negative balance in one of the wallets, no withdrawals are accepted until the negative balance is settled. 

New withdrawal requests will automatically be canceled until the negative balance is settled.