The Bid side of the order book is on the left and colored green. The Ask side of the order book is on the right and colored red.


This is the total number of orders at that level. A count of 1 means that 1 order is at that price point. A count of 6 would mean that there are 6 orders at that price point.


This is the number of coins offered at a specific price point.


This is the cumulative number of coins offered to a specific price point. In other words, this is the sum of all “amounts” leading to this price level in the order book.


This is the offer price by a trader or traders at a specific price point.


In the funding order book, this is the amount of time the funding is being requested for (by bidders) or offered for (by funding providers). It can be 2-30 days. If there is one or are multiple offers at a specific rate for the same period, then only that period will display. If there are multiple offers at the same rate but different periods, then a range will display (2-30).


In the funding order book, this is the interest rate bid by the trader or ask by the funding provider.

Precision (- / +):

It is possible to decrease or increase the precision of offers displayed in the order book. Press the (-) if you wish to see orders grouped together for a broader view of the entire order book, or (+) if you prefer to see more detail in the order book.

Full Book:

Clicking this will reveal the entire order book.

Frequency (Real Time or Throttled):

Selecting “Real Time” will produce live results of order book changes as they occur. Selecting “Throttled 5s” will update the order book every 5 seconds.