CoinZoom exchange takes every measure to make your account and data as secure as possible. However, we recommend using two-factor authentication which forces typing in confirmation code before making selected actions.

To get confirmation codes you can either use your email address or your smartphone with the Google Authenticator app. 

To set up Google Authenticator, simply scan the QR code from the CoinZoom exchange in your Google Authenticator app.

To get to this screen:

  1.     Log into your CoinZoom trading account
  2.     Click "Settings"
  3.     Choose "Settings" from the new menu.
  4.     Choose "Manage Google Auth"

After choosing your method of authentication select which types of operations need two-step verification.

To confirm this change you need to either enter the confirmation code from your email or from Google Authenticator.

Congratulations, you made your account very highly secured!