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instructions please

I'm trying to get used to using this platform. running into some issues on a few things and would love the assistance. I'm trying to convert my USD into BTC, I do not know the steps to do so. can I please get some assistance on this issue. i switched over to CoinZoom due to high prices at CoinBase....

I can't get my 2FA and watched the video
Probably for the better. I've been waiting to receive a deposit for over 12 hours now and I cant find the money nor can I get ahold of anyone to find out where my 500.00 is. It's unreal. As far as i can tell they're straight up theifs. I talked to Bovada on the phone (who sent me the 500.00 12 hours ago) & they gave me confirmation the entire transaction. They're now looking into this wallet. They think I got snaked on this end. Dont use this wallet if you can help it.
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