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Im sorry to say, but your Customer support is not there!

Hi! im horrified by your customer support :(

My assets are locked inside my wallet and i have not been able to move them out after i moved them in. 

It just says that my ALGO have been transfered, but it stil shows in my Coinzoom wallet. But the withdraw have stil not showed up in my deposited account. 

And the Ticketsystem does not work, i have not been able to contact anyone on the side of Coinzoom for support............


ANders Iversen

Im happy to report that im satisfied with support :) i was just impatient and my problem with Coinzoom got sorted out :)

The customer support is just slow, CoinZoom needs to work better on their customer support... Sent messages but no reply till now..

My ticket from friday is still not processed

It sucks man. Customer support has to be there and reply to customers immediately.

Been trying to get verified since last week, I've submitted everything they're asking from passport photos, selfie, even my utility bill and still not verified

My zoomme is snapgambit, check my ticket status

Call the customer service number on the bottom of your card, trust me. Had put in multiple tickets and never received any response, meanwhile it took me all of 5 minutes on the phone to get it resolved. Hope this helps.

I have the same problem I have been trying to reach customer service for my EOS transferred from my Exodus wallet to coinzoom which has since been lost in transit but over two weeks now, I haven’t heard a response back from the customer service ticket. This is a really scary situation and I just hope my coin is still with coinzoom and @ Ryan, I just got my coinzoom card and there is no phone number behind the card as you have suggested. Can you share the phone number if you have one so that I can reach someone
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