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KYC keeps getting rejected despite providing the correct documents

My KYC application keeps getting rejected, I already tried twice today and they got instantly rejected without providing any information. I've uploaded 2 images of my Drivers Licence on high resolution (3920x2204) and there's a message that shows up on the bottom immediately after only being uploaded, check the screenshot that I've attached. Also the verification seems broken, they took like 10 seconds and just says "Your registration has been rejected." Please fix the KYC system.

Also, I can't login to the support section using my registered coinzoom account so I'm just using one of my social accounts.

Is there any way to do a manual KYC? I'm afraid to try the KYC process again since I already had my 2nd attempt and there seems to be a problem with the automated KYC system here. I uploaded high resolution images on my last attempt but it still says "Your picture is of insufficient quality." right after the upload. Help Coinzoom support!

I don't know why it still says "insufficient" right after the upload

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