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Kyc isue

Hi can you help me.. I use 3 times kyc limits

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admin, why was my KYC application rejected when I was using my original identity in my country, that is, a driver's license or residence identity thank you success for the team

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Sir my my kyc verified coinzoom account whay rejected kyc??? Please do somethin. My balance have 20$

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same issue

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Why my kyc verification rejected? Please help me.

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How to resolve my problem my account already verified and had a withdrawal transaction but after the otp issue. I tried to withdraw but it say need to submit KYC. I tried to submit and it say "no more attempt. Pls submit ticket to support. Can you help me what to do. Tnks!

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Same issue pls resolve
Same issue, verification limit over, please solve this immediately

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Same issue plzzz solve this problom
Plzz increse my verification limit

Looks like their KYC system is automated and broken, I instantly got a message just after uploading the images. They should follow other exchanges model where the KYC is being processed by a human, not automated, large exchanges like binance and kraken do this and I never had any problem with my KYC process with them.

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